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Steven B. Pennington

    COE / IT : Voice and Data equipment Installation Field Tech.


  Management – Installation oriented COE. /IT Specialist with notable success installing; while participating in planning schedules,    maintaining milestones, in compliant with the costumer’s request, and motivating installation teams.

        Track record of increasing responsibility in securing, installing, quality auditing, and closing out projects.

  •    Successfully ran multiple projects while participating in corporate conference calls. I maintained the floor plans to various venders, as per customer request. Implementing when & where the costumers would install the equipment. I did a lay-out of their power and data cable runs to insure that there were no future cable access issues.

  •          Hands on experience installing and leading all stages of installation ranging from: vender to costumer... worked to be performed, conferences, conference calls, MOP request, to power verification and turn up, & all aspects in-between .


Core Competencies: COE /IT systems; digital multiplex systems (10,100, 250); litespan2000; E.V.D.O. systems; meridian business premise systems; Cisco systems; Ericsson  and more.

Platform: (OS) Windows 95,98,ME, XP, Windows 7 and Vista, MAC, Tiger, Dos

Software: T-shell, GUI, Vortex, Element Manager

Networking: TCP/IP, D-LINK, Link sys 10/100, Net gear, Cisco networking,

Languages: HTML, BASIC JAVA, C, C+

Tools: McAfee/Norton Virus Protection Utilities Microsoft Office System (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access, And Microsoft Outlook®), Microsoft Project, Microsoft FrontPage®. Microsoft Viso2000®.

    Certifications:  AT&T red & Green cards/ Level 4,Hilti fire stop. AT&T ask your self and EJF, Supplier awareness 2013



T-Staff 2010 - present

ADC contractor supervisor

     Installing on AT&T sites by TP7600 Job description: Responsible for getting my assignments form SIIM and filling out JSC (Job start check list) and sending it to the customer, inventory and sending ship short list to engineer. Calling the warehouse and making sure all my parts were shipped and retrieving lead time dates making sure that they don't impact the final date. In charge of the install crew and BDFB & Floor drilling reports. Equipment we installed: Tellabs, Edgelinks,TA3000,IPEG routers 7609, DMX and DMXTENDS.  Working with the NOC to test equipment out.

TEK-SYSTEMS, Raleigh, North Carolina, EF&I Division 2006 – 2010

Field installation Technician

Installing BSR & UBR  for there CMTS project and performing First Modem Provision Testing in a ring from D.C. to Manassas, VA From Martinsburg, NC To Knoxville, TN to Memphis, TN and working with Comcast on their Audio & Video build out also worked on there BDFB build out FOR THERE BMR's. Level4 supervisor for AT&T on IP, DAC's & 7609 router install's for AT&T, run 72 count fiber.


ATLANTIC INTERCOM, Boyd Co., Kentucky  2004 – 2005

Field installation Technician

Installing and participating in Central Office Equipment, installation of Emerson DC Power plants and batteries and running DC power to the UMTS, MCPA in there wireless sites for Cingular.


TEK-SYSTEMS, Raleigh, North Carolina 2003 – 2004

Field installation Technician

Installing and participating in management of Central Office Equipment, installation projects, & wireless CDMA commutations.  Tested EVDO


ATLANTIC INTERCOM, Boyd Co., Kentucky 2001 – 2003

   Field Engineer

   Drove from job site to job site to gather data Mon. – Wed on floor plans, Halon system, positions of alarms with wiring test points, and building measurement and location of new equipment. On Thurs. & Fri. I was in the office updating customer’s floor plans and ED drawings via Visio and Cad programs. I traveled from Niagara Falls to Rouses Point, N.Y., every week contracting to Tellergy. I also had to keep up with my own expense reports, and turn them in at the end of the month.



KAS TELEPHONY, Bellwood, PA. 1996 – 2001

   Self Employed

   I obtained a contract with Nextel Communications over seeing their MOS (Main Switching Office). I installed projects and I was solely responsible for 80% of their Florida Market MSO installs, and 70% of their N.Y. market MSO installs. All the venders had to submit a MOP to me before any work could be done in the brand-new offices. I would mark the floor for each vender, set up a staging area, and run POTS line for each vender. My employees set all the Rely Racks and A row of enhanced DSX bays for the venders. I was solely responsible to make sure all venders reached Nextel’s milestones. During these projects, I was confronted by Motorola and asked to take on their EBTS installs for Nextel MSO’S, so I added a crew for them. Then, I was confronted again by Nextel to do there Cell site’s. I bought 4 Trucks loaded with tools and my crews went out with Longitude/Latitude and an on board GPS to a new cell site building. They hooked up a generator to the electrical box and turned on the lights and started building a cell site from the ground up. When they left it was tested and turned up. I ran my own company for 5 years; I did everything from helping with the billing, to drumming up work, to installing.


 Tel-Tech, Lexington, Kentucky 1993 – 1996

   Field Installation Technician

        I ran jobs and installed for Northern Telecom. Upon one of the projects, I installed a DMS-100 at NASA. Sub-contracted to       level 3. Helped manage and build the main IP hub in Reston, VA. 


Telephony Technology Inc. Boyd Co., Kentucky 1989-1993

    Instructor/ COE installation

    I was certified by Kentucky board of education to teach vocational education of COE Installation Standers and Basic installation while contributing to the gathering of these standers and the building of the documentation their of… that was used in their learning facility Telephony Tech. in partnership with EKSEP, and TENCO, and Ashland’s unemployment office in a effort to help unemployed and dislocated workers get new jobs. The project had a success rate of 93% placement. I was also responsible for instructing 12 pulps for 3 month intervals. Their curriculum consisted of the following: Color code, stitching, Iron work, safety, CPR, wire wrapping. Drilling and anchoring bays, strapping battery’s, Bell standers, Nortel Standers, Ameritech Standers, BNC Certified, basic blue print reading, Keeping of a daily job log. Marking floor as well as marking up blue prints Red in yellow out and more. The students were graded half on hands on in the switch room and half in the class room test. I was responsible for keeping a log on each student and relay there progress back to EKSEP, for their evaluation. At the end of the class each student had to trace a call through a telephone office.


Mid-Eastern COE. Boyd County, Kentucky 1985 – 1989

Project Manger

I ran jobs for my father Ballard Pennington on a contract he had with Lorain Power when they introduced their (S.M.A.R.T.) system Main power distribution equipment I ran projects all over Ohio and N.Y. installing power plants for new Central telephone offices from the ground up working with local venders setting times for the costumer AC to be wired in. While organizing my time to simultaneously run multiple projects and IRing ship short list while keeping up with costumer and supervisor’s paperwork as well as participating in board meetings and keeping up with company milestones.

Below is a list of equipment I have installed

COE equipment:

Strongburg – Carlson


                XY Equipment


      12 foot environment rely rack


      Line finders

      First Selectors


      100 line additions


      Ring generators

      Solider wrap

      Grading Panels



      DMS 10/100/250











      BSC /TCU/E3



      CBRS/PASSPORT 15000










      Controller Bay

      800/900 Quasi Omni – Omni Antennas


      UBR routers

      BSR routers

      Test Bed's


      Cadant C4


      Cisco 7600



                Lorain (S.M.A.R.T.)

                Batteries Gel-cell & Electrolytic Brands

                Lorain inverters

                Lorain rectifiers

                      Peco ll Power plants

                    Lucent Galaxy 2000











      Enhanced DSX

      Dantel Alarm system


      Enterprise Cat5 patch panel

      ADC fiber duct/patch panel


      Cisco routers

      FLM 150


Crimps:       BNC


                         Hobbies:  Sale, Manage and Design for and further my education.








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